Change Your Smile, Change Your Life Dental Implants Toothbrush History

In the event that you require to replace a missing tooth, there are many things that you can choose for a replacement. A lot of people opt for dentures, however, they have numerous disadvantages. A dental implant can replace one tooth for life. This means that it isn’t required to be taken out or cleaned in any way. A single tooth implant is taken care of just like your other teeth.

Implant dentistry is a means for replacing a lost tooth using a strong and natural look replacement. The important thing you should know about teeth implants is that they’re placed at a stage. Prior to placing the implant, dentists doing dental work will first build the bone. After about a month of healing time the dentist is able to put a titanium post into bone of the jaw.

After that, you’ll need to join the abutment to the post. This is a section connecting the post the crown. This is the most important step when it comes to getting a dental crown. It may take one year to get an implant.