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They do contain mercury, so some people with metal allergy may wish to avoid them. Composite resins are costly, but they’re often well-worth the cost because they look more natural, which can help preserve the appearance of the tooth as time passes.


If the decay has damaged most of the surface of your tooth or a filling that is large fails then your dentist may suggest crowns. Crowns last longer than normal fillings and prevent the possibility of further harm. Crowns are also able to restore the shape and size of teeth, especially for patients who require big bridges or other types of restorations. Dental crowns come in many forms. procedures that can be described for the crown can be found here:

The temporary crown is typically comprised consisting of an acrylic foundation that fits over the rest of the teeth naturally and it is topped with a band of steel to hold the crown in place. The process takes several appointments to complete a permanent crown. The first step is to take an impression of the tooth that is prepared is taken using a material such as alginate to ensure that your dentist can produce a exact replica while creating the crown permanent. After that, he places it on the tooth he has prepared and secures it with cement. Finally, he cuts the material to create space for the natural tooth’s nerve.

A crown may be constructed out of alloys, gold, porcelain, or a combination of the two. If you exert too much force when biting down, crowns may disappear. Patients should refrain from engaging in chewing with any object that is sharp or hard after their permanent crown has been removed.


A bridge is an artificial substitute of missing teeth which can support partial dentures. The procedure is different based on how many teeth are missing and which type of bridge you require. A dentist may take an impression of one tooth in order to restore it with alginate. This permits him to make identical replicas within the dental laboratory.

The bridge is then positioned on top of the adjacent teeth zhlvy8brby.