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What do you think of the fact that they make $19.98 in 60 minutes? In the year that equates to $41,568!

Between 2018-2028, approximately 19,000 positions will be available in the US.

Response of Metal Roofers to a request

Many metal roofers need to have certain skills in order to perform their job. We have been able to study resumes and find the most well-known skills for this job. Numerous resumes described manual finesse as well as physical endurance the ability to perform.

Numerous resumes indicated that OSHA certification was needed by 38.0%. 25.9% of the OSHA-certified roofers were in need of measuring tapes while 13.7 percentage had previously worked. These are the fundamental capabilities you’ll need in order in order to perform the basic tasks of a job.

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