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A divorce attorney should not charge you for relationship advice. Divorce lawyers must listen to what you want and help to get you there. A therapist is someone who can be expected listen and understand your issues. They are paid to listen to your issues. It’s nice to have a lawyer’s opinion, this is only possible when the client is not available. A primary function of a lawyer’s job is to assist you in winning the legal case. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to obtain custody or have other assets. The lawyer will be there to assist. Lawyers shouldn’t have any bias or influenced in any way. Lawyers must be open to any and all details. Look at the reviews of divorce lawyers before you make your decision. Check to see if the reviews are saying that you are getting value for your amount of money. There are two kinds of fees: one that is fixed and the other one that you pay per hour. If you’re looking to learn more about them continue watching this video to find out more. jmuol6f1db.