How Bloomberg Philanthropies Is Making Roads in the U.S. and Europe Safer With Beautiful Asphalt Art – Art In The News

Traffic signals, like tructure on asphalt pavement and intersections can drastically reduce pedestrian collisions and the number of auto accidents can be reduced by 50% to 15 percentage.

The murals or multi-colored artworks that are painted on blacktop paving and asphalt around intersections are some examples of these types of art. The artwork is vibrant and is difficult for drivers to miss helping them be more cautious, alert, and slow down when they spot pedestrians. We will see how the gorgeous asphalt art of Bloomberg Philanthropies has improved road security both Europe and in America.

Bloomberg Philanthropies Lovely asphalt Art from the United States

In 2019, the first season of Beautiful Asphalt Art was launched. The announcement coincided with the release of the Asphalt Art Guide which included best practices and case study of cities from around the world. Download the guide by contacting Bloomberg Philanthropies. It has been downloaded over 5,000 times and was consulted by government officials and industry professionals in every 50 U.S. state and nearly 100 countries.

The guide was developed by BAT (Bloomberg Related Transportation) as well as CAM (Cultural Assets Management) teams with help from public art expert Renee Piechocki and architecture and urban planning company SPC (Street Plan Collaborative). The basic painting tasks are in the Asphalt Art Initiative by Bloomberg Philanthropies.

The philanthropic agency has awarded grants to 41 cities throughout the United States and three cities located in Europe with a total value of 45 beautiful asphalt art projects. Based on these studies, this study shows intersection painting can make roads safer.

According to Janette Sadik-Khan, the head of transportation for Bloomberg Associates, a subsidiary of Bloomberg Philanthropies across the U.S., there is an epidemic of road-related fatalities.