How Can You Repair a Damaged Roof – Interstate Moving Company

This step-by step demonstration can help users to comprehend the whole rebuilding process.

You will need the drill press, hammer and a claw bar for getting to work.

The first step is to remove the felt beneathlayment to prepare for the task. Take out the plastic or metal caps first for a simpler process.

Next, draw the Y-studs with your chalk lines. Framing nails that are in use can be used as a guide for locating the Y-roofers, studs and the studs.

The next step is to draw chalk lines on the sides of the X lines. Your marks should create an exact 90-degree angle, therefore you should use a straight edge to be your reference point, for example the top or the bottom roof edge.

The video is available to view the steps action.

After you’ve watched the entire film and still think it too difficult for you to do yourself You can hire the services of local roofers. Make sure the roofer is reliable, licensed, insured, and skilled enough to take charge on your roof’s damaged. 6ogwnc25it.