How to Make Money Picking Up Trash – Rochester Magazine

Each day is a new opportunity to develop. The demand for services at a professional level surpasses the supply. This video will demonstrate how you can earn money taking care of garbage using your trash pick-up service.

Removing garbage from your area could help you earn around $2,000 a day. This is just one reason that starting a garbage pickup service might be the right choice that you can undertake today. Consider rural regions or towns as an alternative. Most towns and municipalities give Waste management contracts to two or three medium-sized or large waste collection companies. This means it could be difficult or impossible to secure contracts here, so the rural areas provide the best location to start.

Make sure that the weights of your vehicles and trailers are not exceeding the legal weight limits. In order to operate, these vehicles and trailers need special licences. It’s a good idea to diversify. You can provide a variety of services such as dumpster removal, roll-off containers for residential properties, and scrap metal recycling. These services can make you money, especially the scrap metal. This extra cash comes from getting rid of the metal and selling it to dealers. mx15q5l8jw.