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Then, I dropped the boys at the YMCA then returned to my home with my daughter. Even though it was a bit stressful knowing precisely where everything was and telling the mover what went where it was still a bit of security knowing that the kids were safe and busy.

GPS Tracking

The boys were able quickly explore the new area after their return from the YMCA. The boys are very pleasant to work with and loved having a space with bunk beds. There was one last ‘task’ to complete for the day, hanging custom window drapes for the room of the newborn baby and the room that is being renovated by the boy. Since all of my kids had gone home and were jumping around across the floor like they do every day, I decided to let both the boys enjoy riding their bikes out on the streets. They were just 7 and 9, and I felt confident that they’d be okay. I knew that they wanted to keep in close proximity, but I was unable to help but be worried. So, I looked into methods to keep track of my kids as they rode their bikes out on the streets. There are a variety of GPS tracking solutions, like wristbands, tiny boxes, and many other options. Our phones come with an embedded feature that allows us to monitor the location of any other phone in our account. It was even better that I could stop the boys from accidentally switching off their own phones. The kids were warned to keep within one block by me when I switched on Find My iPhone. They left and I returned to the house for my custom-made window curtains. In less than a minute I start to panic and I can’t not help but look at the tracking application. My kids were running around the block, and I was able to track their movements in real time. This gave me relief and enabled me to hang my drapes without anxiety.

The Day’s Energy Burns Off Camp

The next step was to locate an HVAC service. That meant that we needed to be at home in order for a crew of repairmen to look over and repair any HVAC components. The crew was able to leave at a single time. qlt1qh9ps9.