How to use ExactFlat for efficiently producing insulation covers – Source and Resource

How can you save time? More importantly, how do you reduce costs when doing so? ExactFlat is the most convenient method of creating digital patterns for your entire range of products. The ExactFlat program allows you to make a pattern that is perfectly the first time in a fraction of the time.

ExactFlat is a program that precisely handles the various manufacturing processes that used to be time-consuming and labour-intensive. It reduces the complicated shape of CAD soft goods models such as textiles, fabrics, furniture cushions, and more for cutting. It also thoroughly analyzes the model flattened to check for stretch and sag, to make sure it is fitted exactly the first time.

The ability to flatten the insulation covers for pipework is an excellent proof of the program’s ability and flexibility. This involves cutting precisely the insulation layers, precisely setting fasteners and then strapping them. Exactflat can be a useful instrument for wrapping pipelines and valves.