How You Should Fight Felony Drug Charges USS Constitutions

If, for instance, you were charged with possessing or aggravated possession of marijuana Your weight can determine whether the offense is considered an offense or not. The easiest way to do this is to have the drug weighted (hiring legal counsel for drugs can aid in this regard) It can have a major impact on.
Another important aspect is testing independently. If there isn’t any way to demonstrate that you had really in possession of the drug, then the prosecutor must rely on some circumstantial evidence to establish that you did have them. If they could get anyone else to testify to being with you when you were in possession of the drug, then the prosecutor would have the ability to use that witness against you.
The quantity of drugs your possession is an additional element. If you’re charged with having a significant amount of drugs, the prosecution could argue that you planned to market the drugs. A motive to be in possession of a controlled substance is not necessary for you to be sentenced. In the event that you’re just charged with having some small amounts of drugs and the prosecutor has demonstrate that you had knowledge of what you were doing. xzbyd6ec84.