Installing Auto Barfeeders – Pleo HQ

Though it may appear to be something that is a straightforward add-on, the mechanical part is for the CNC lathe, which is a distinct. This is because the bar feeder is seen as an add-on option that is not required for automation. However, it has several advantages for the user. The bar-feeder will increase efficiency and productivity. The configuration it is shown in the video, works designed for a single-bar feeder.

Barfeeders Set-up Success

The very first step will ensure the success of your overall automatic bar-feeder installation. It is important to place your base in the proper place. It will allow you to set the spindle liner up on the pedestals.

For reference be sure to align your central bore of the lathe with its spindle. It will avoid any issue when the bar feeder auto-feeder has been hooked up.
It is vital to hire an aid in the process of installing an automated bar-feeder.

Bringing on a fellow worker is a great way to save much time and ensure that you connect the feeder for auto bars in the shortest amount of amount of. Although the video tutorial is brief, it provides lots of information that you already know. kulemna94e.