Reasons to Call a Divorce Attorney – Legal Terms Dictionary

It is possible to end a marriage. Divorce mediation is a cost-effective and much more friendly option than going to court. Divorce before 30 days of marriage isn’t possible. You should wait for a year following your wedding date before you apply for divorce.

You may find that you’ve come to the point at which there’s no turning back from your marriage. There is a chance that you’re thinking whether both spouses are able to apply for divorce. You can, in fact, file joint petitions. This applies to no-fault divorces.

Many people today file for divorces that are no-fault, meaning nobody has to prove other’s wrongdoing to warrant divorce. It is possible to ask if a divorce without fault can be resolved. The divorce with no fault can’t be done unless the court has the need to look at a unique circumstance.

It is possible that you are wondering whether you are able to get married without divorce. If you would like to tie the knot another time, your dissolution or divorce document will be needed. Legal separation is a requirement in order to marry. If you are married without divorcing, the second wedding will not be valid. 8z8a4fsakh.