Starting a Successful Mural Painting Business – David Bibeault Photography

In her role as the founder as the founder of Mural Painter Inc, she presented her business idea in the hopes of getting funding on Shark Tank in 2020. In the following year, the flu pandemic struck which led to a lockdown that prevented the business to be successful. This commercial mural painter presented her work to corporations that printed advertising posters with vinyl rather than painting. Printing photos onto vinyl is popular because it’s cheaper and faster. Vinyl isn’t durable and doesn’t stick to bricks.
In contrast, murals offer a unique experience to pedestrians on the street as well as the businesses. People usually stop to speak with the artists who are painting or take photographs of the work and tag the campaign and the artist through social media. Artists and the company get visibility for their brands, and this campaign can have a more than a significant effect due to the social media share. The mural can be a win-win for both businesses and the artists. Also, it’s a well-known art style that comes from scratch by using brushes.
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