The Northernmost Town in the United States – Toronto Poets

It is a blessing that heating systems can keep us warm in spite of frigid temperatures. The further you go north to, the more vital heating services become. There is no better place to be clear than in America’s biggest northern town. In this video, you will be introduced to the Barrow town of Barrow.

Barrow is located approximately 3,000 miles to the north of California. It’s situated near the northernmost point of Alaska. It’s extremely harsh. The snow never fully melts, and plants only grow the height of a few inches. It is not possible to set the sun over the area for months. At the opposite time during the season, the sun won’t be up for long periods at a moment. The region is one of extremes. It is possible to have the hottest days in other states and it’s snowing in the mountains.

Barrow is also only accessible via air travel. There are no roads that stop for few miles out of Barrow. Climate conditions could cause roads to cease to function. all roads here are dirt roads. Further, nearly all food needs to be brought in via airplanes. What an unusual place.