Tips for Sleeping When You Have ADHD and Insomnia – Health and Fitness Tips

It’s unclear how people suffering from ADHD suffer from insomnia, there are answers in brain chemistry, life habits, the use of medications, and many other factors. But, it is true that people with both ADHD and insomnia may come up with ways to rest.

The video below offers five tips to help people sleep if they’re suffering from ADHD-related insomnia. These suggestions might not be as intuitive like one would believe. It is suggested to get plenty of sunshine every single day. In theory, lots of sunlight exposure helps people’s internal clocks function better, leading to fewer issues that result in delayed sleep onset.

A bedtime routine is another tip that the video suggests. It is a routine that incorporates relaxing elements like a hot shower or watching a show can assist a person in getting in the proper mindset for letting go of your day’s stress and go to sleeping.

Watch the above video to find out more information about ADHD or speak with an experienced psychiatrist that specializes in ADHD.