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Kerkstra Septic Tank Cleaning explains what to expect from your Septic Tank Cleaning.

The person who will clean your septic tank will ask you first if you require septic repairs. If you’re facing any issues, this is an ideal time to get them to the surface, as an empty tank is a great moment to look for issues as well as make repairs. You also need to tell your worker if you’ve got more than one tank.

The worker will find the tank’s underground location using the aid of a probe. It makes a particular noise when it hits the tank. In order to expose the tank dirt and other debris will need to be removed. It will measure 18×18 inches in size. After the septic tank has been completed the employee who is responsible for it will fix the hole.

The lid for the access hole is taken off. The container truck moves as close as possible to the hole. The hose is then inserted in the hole for access. It then pumping out the septic tank. It is then checked by the tank’s components for signs that they’re operating properly. After that, the worker cleans it up.