3 Semi-Truck Accidents in 3 Weeks at the Same Spot on I-75 in Southwest Detroit – nanoexpressnews.com

Whatever you do to be safe when you are driving, there’s an opportunity that another motorist will make an error and cause you to be in a crash. Many drivers call their insurance companies to make a claim after an accident. The insurers put insurance adjusters in charge of the claim.

Insurance companies get data about car accidents from an official accident report which the responding police file. What data can you discover on car accident reports? Only request a copy of the accident report from the person who filed the report, or the responding police officer.

The services of a personal injury attorney are suggested if you’ve suffered injury and another driver has claimed you were the cause for the collision. Many offer free consultations to aid you in understanding the situation and let you know what is required to present an effective legal argument against the driver who caused your accident. A handful of law firms can provide similar to a free consultation to help you determine whether or not you should pursue a claim against another driver who may have caused the collision. rnubj188j2.