How to Choose an Air Compressor – NC Pool Supply

From inflating tires or operating a nailer. This video and this blog will teach you how to find a compressor that is suitable for your requirements.

The most well-known models are single-stage piston-type compressors. These are able to be utilized for many purposes around your workshop and home. Stationary air compressors are large machines designed to be placed within garages or shops. It is a powerful model featuring large storage tanks to can be used for longer time periods of continuous use. Portable air compressors are less bulky and come with handles, so it is possible to move them around. Electric compressors are the most popular models. They are less prone to maintenance than models powered by gasoline, are less noisy, and are able to operate anywhere dry with electricity readily available. These air compressors run on gasoline and are an excellent alternative for work in outdoor areas where electricity is limited or inaccessible. The horsepower rating of a compressor (HP) indicates its power capacity. An increase in horsepower can result in greater pressure (measured as PSI). More PSI implies that the compressor will retain more air within the tank and allow the air tool to run longer.