How To Clean Your Area Rugs at Home – Family Magazine

Lean your area rugs from your home, without having to pay for a service? This video takes you through some easy steps that will keep your area rugs in good shape and fresh.

When you are ready to begin your rug washing There are a few things that you should do. The first step is to take your rug out to an area out in the open and lay it down on your driveway, perhaps to make it easy to clean up. This next procedure is crucial since you’ll want to keep your rug absolutely free of floating particles, such as hair, crumbs and dust. To remove any dirt and debris, you’ll have to vacuum your rug. This will ensure success before you start the cleaning process.

A few things you’ll need for your area rug cleaning include a vacuum, an extension cable, Dawn Detergent any type of pressure washing device, as well as the ability to lay your rug down on. The cleaning process is messy, so we recommend that you do this outside wearing clothes you are comfortable getting splashed with water. The video below will teach you the steps to thoroughly the rug.