How to Install an Epoxy Floor – Outdoor Family Portraits

loors are a common flooring option used in many houses. It has a stunning elegant, polished appearance and is easy to maintain. Two builders installed an epoxy floor in an garage.

Apply water to the floor before removing the oil and grease that may have been dumped by an auto. Oil and grease can cause problems for an installation at the start and must to be removed immediately. Identify the areas with grease and then use a degreaser along with the scrub tool to get rid of the grease.

After the floor has been cleaned, the contractors will begin acidetching it. The process is extremely protection equipment such as rubber gloves, rubber boots as well as protective eyewear. The acid gives a thorough cleaning to make a clean surface for the epoxy to adhere to.

Once the acid is eliminated, it is time mixing the epoxy. Mixing more epoxy solution that will be required within two hours of each other will make the epoxy set.

You can test to make that the epoxy is set properly over night. The next morning it is possible examine the epoxy for any indication of needs to apply another coating. For further information, check out the link above.