How to Test Biodegradability A Quick Guide – Media Content Lab

e? You’ve got the answer! To get a quick guide on the best way to determine biodegradability in your home, keep reading.

First, you will need to break your soil up into 4 different containers. In the next step, put the test plastic wrapper into the first. It is possible to use the second paper. The third one should contain an organic substance similar to peas and the fourth will have the same organic material. However, the soil should be watered. It is then possible to leave your pots in their pots. Photographs are taken to show how you compare the pots.

Within a few days, make sure to check your pots. Then, you can see how they look to photographs from before. This will give you an concept of the biodegradability these objects. The chances are that you’ll find no change in a plastic wrapper of any kind. There’s probably almost nothing changed also. After about a week, the organic matter should begin to degrade and start to cause rot in the soil.

To learn more about this procedure, check out the video included in this article. It will then allow you to perform your biodegradability test at your own home.